Research of Edward H. Feng

Sandia National Laboratory, Livermore, California

PhD, Stanford University, 2003

BA, Rice University, 1999

Research Interests

Select Publications

If you have a Ph.D. in statistical mechanics, here is a summary of research accomplishments from 2008. Also, back in 2005, I tried to write a jargon free description my thesis work.

Teaching and Outreach

Modern Statistical Mechanics

I'm very interested in using multimedia in explaining science to the general public. As an example, Entropy man is an introduction to the Crooks Fluctuation Theorem and Jarzynski's equality, two foundational results in my field that do not get the attention they deserve. I hope this is accessible to any curious person who has a high school background in physics or chemistry.

Random Processes

These notes are intended for first year graduate students who have a background in stat mech (so ideas like equilibrium distribution and random variable make sense). The notes on Markov jump processes or continuous time Markov processes are the key to understanding the often used and abused continuous time Monte Carlo simulation.

Polymer Self-Consistent Field Theory

These are slides from a talk introducing self-consistent field theory calculations for block copolymer self-assembly. These notes cover the basic principles underlying self-consistent field theory calculations for polymer self-assembly.

A true antique, my Feynman page from 2002. It's the only thing older than the class website from when I taught statistical mechanics at UCSB in 2005.